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Wide Acces Liner

Wide Access Liner is the right solution for full protection of container walls as an “envelop/pocket”. This solution is our fastest growing manufactured product since 2012 in our production plant. Produced under wide range of sizes and models (with/without roof or floor, with zip or Velcro, fully water proof, ventilated, with tapes…) and under two main fabrics (PE film and woven PP)

Drawn & developed in cooperation with shipping lines, forwarding agents, container depots, logistics companies but allover under requirements of our key industrial accounts like food, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, agricultural trying to find the best shipping solutions in container for export.

Discover which use

  • The target of our Wide Access Liner is truly simple : To convert/fit a container in bad physical condition in order to get brand new container and highly hygienical inner surfaces for your sensitive cargo.
  • No more need to require “foodgrade” quality containers or even “Premium plus” grade containers.
  • No more need to paint or repair the container (thus avoid waiting time).
  • No more risk of lack of perfect condition containers.
  • No more risk of delaying your shipment because of sudden lack of good condition containers from shipping line.
  • No more risk of rejecting container at your plant because of incompatible conditions (dirty, soiled…).

Thus, whatever the default of the container, our envelop will erase/correct odors, gas (present in 30% of containers in the world according to Belgian customs), but also soiled floor or roof, dirty floor, dust, rust, insects… and any other risk of contamination/damage of cargo during shipment.

Discover advantages Wide Access Liner can provide

  • Through tear-resistant material for floor it’s fully compatible with loading a container by a lift truck (see photos enclosed) unless damaging floor.
  • No room wasting inside as material is 1mm tick and has strictly same shape as container itself, water proof version available, compatible with all hanging hooks/points of the container, reusable under conditions, recyclable, very light material (less than 10kgs), very fast fitting, secure and easy opening/closure, document pocket available upon request, temperature resistant up to 85°c, fully compatible with fumigation of container or pallets…
  • Avoid any container cleaning extra cost since whatever the condition our Wide Access Liner will cover up.
  • Fitting network all around France and Europe as well as worldwide upon request and for regular business.
  • Very low rates : we use same production line as our Liner bags and waste material is close to zero for the Wide Access Liner which explains our competitive prices.
  • Wide range of models and options available including tailor made versions.
  • Reliable quality : we can offer 100% virgin material as well as foodgrade.
  • Recyclable: we can globally handle recycling of our liners, from disposal, collection to recycling including a certificate which guarantee the process.
  • Permanent stock in Europe : available under as of 24/48 hours.

GreenLiner program available : we can arrange for global management of your wide access liners after use/at destination for disposal+collection+recycling+Handling

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