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Liner Bag - Conatainer Liner - Dry Bulk Liner - Inner Liner

Within the Group, liners for containers are the biggest production part in terms of manufactured units and volumes are constantly increasing every year. In 2016 we reached 188 000pcs supplied and the forecast shows an incre -

We supply 3 main liner fabrics : PE film – Woven PP – Woven PE – under virgin or foodgrade Quality and from 10ft containers up to 53ft sizes as well as truck size for any granule and powder material to be shipped in bulk into containers.

In the market we were one of the firsts to highly invest in semi-automatic production lines which today enable us to provide one of the best rates – far ahead from competition. Also, with some recent acquisitions we are now producing some of our own raw material such as PE and PP film which contribute to our growth and to a close control of quality material used.

Our wide range of different types

Thanks to an active Innovation & engineering team – today we offer certainly the widest number of liners such as :

  • Barless Liner : holds without any metal bar – can be tilted at 45°c with full safety.
  • Single bar Liner : hols with only 1 bar – in some case at least 1 bar is compulsory while having a certain type of loading system.
  • 3 bars liner : make saving of 1 bar – get faster fitting – key response to biggest liner users.
  • Truck liner : protect you trucks from dirty loads by using this disposable solution.
  • Multicompartment Liner : the exclusive solution to ship into same container different kinds of products unless any contact between each other.
  • Combi Liner (or Unifit liner) : to combine different existing models of liners into 1 single design – easier storage + easier management of your use.
  • Bulkhead Liner : when product is clean enough (no residual dust – no leakage – no soil) the whole liner isn’t necessary ! Only this front sheet + bars can suffice.

Choose your options

Throughout our wide experience in various industries and well as in several highly technical projects we regularly launch new options on our liners which improve comfort during loading, discharge, fitting or transport steps :
Conductive films, airbags, fluidizing systems, sampling sleeves, venting panels, disposable hooks, dustproof sewing, reinforced floors, anti-bulging/safety front panels, special double-sided tape remaining on liner body (no residue on the floor), top safety hanging systems…

Bulktrans Pack full services

  • Tailored liner production upon your request.
  • Technical support in implementation of liner bag into your logistics management – let’s benefit from our skills, local partners, material supply, assistance…
  • Fitting network anywhere - anytime together with disposal of liner.
  • Storage program in France of all your liners to ensure 24/48hours availability Europewide.
  • GreenLiner program available : we can arrange for global management of your liners after use/at destination for disposal+collection+recycling+certificate.
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