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Aluminium Thermal Insulating Pallet Cover

74 000pcs per annual is the volume of single use Pallet Covers we supply from our main plant. This figure is increasing 5 to 15% each year for now 24 years of manufacturing High Quality Aluminium thermal in for pallets and containers. We are the leading producer of insulating material for transport in Europe and worldwide.

NWe use ONLY pure aluminum fabric instead of many competitive products on the market made from MPET. We use 100% virgin materials as well as a clean room facility since we provide many sensitive industries like pharmaceutical, food (chocolate, milky products…), beverage (wine & spirits, fruit juices and concentrates…) electronics, agri food and many others.

All our pallet covers are made from double sided aluminium fabric and high quality foam of total 4mm thickness.

Migration test

Odor test report (with drinking water)

1. Test conditions :

  • Storage 2 samples at 40°C 10 days in a 4 liters glass jar
  • +1µl solution of pure xylen (not possible to put less quantity)

2. Samples tested : Wrap around aluminium foil

3. Results :

  • After 6 weeks: Standard bottle = 3.33ppb
  • Bulktrans Pack Thermal liner (standard fabric) = 0.08ppb, i.e 41,5 times less pollution VS standard bottle.
  • In consequence, results issued from the laboratory are quite satisfying regarding extreme conditions under which the tests were done.

Core advantage of Bulktrans Pack Pallet Covers

  • To prevent from thermal liners shocks during transport (air, sea and road) thanks to double layers of pure aluminium foils.
  • To prevent from extremely high and very cold temperatures: with our covers in envelop style the temperature will be definitely far different from outside conditions since Pallet Cover is maintaining cargo’s temperature itself as long as possible - similar to rescue blanket use.
  • To prevent from moisture: our fabric is totally water proof and avoid humidity to penetrate and reach your cargo.
  • To prevent from outer odors: as on above test, the pallet cover is a reliable barrier against external bad odors OR gases impregnation present in all sea containers.
  • Perfect solution to physically protect your pallets against soil, insects during transport. Compatible with stretch film and strapping.
  • Prevent from any contamination since for each use you get a brand-new cover.

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