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Big bag

Big Bag

What kind of insulating material we supply ?

  • Our Thermal Insulating Liners are far different than many systems on the market. BT-PACK Thermal Liners remain the original solution for temperature stability into containers for all sensitive cargos. Our thermal blanket is like “rescue blankets” ; it keeps temperature of goods as stable as possible during transport.
  • Made from pure aluminium fabric (double layers) - pocket/envelop style which ensures a reliable barrier against heat losses since it can be completely closed with a ZIP system and thus fully air proofed.

For which use ?

Thermal Liner is a solution for all temperature & moisture sensitive cargos that need to be highly protected in containers such as wine & spirits, fruit juices, water, chocolates, cakes & other dry foods, pharmaceutical products (medicine…), cosmetics, chemical, electronics…

Why chosing Bulktrans Pack solutions ?

  • A reliable solution against extreme temperature variations and against too high or too low temperatures.
  • A one single part/piece system that ensures high level of air proof protection – no heat loss.
  • No more need to require clean grade containers – with our fully closed insulating pocket you create a physical barrier between cargo and container itself (whatever it comes dirty, soiled, with insect…)
  • Innovative fitting/hanging system with hooks and ropes : no risk of collapsing – and provides fitting within less than 10mn alone.
  • Made from strong material composed of double aluminium layers + woven PP.
  • Airproof envelop means high protection against gas into containers (because of previous shipments, paints or fumigations) – according to Belgian customs Association around 20-30% of containers in the world contain toxic gases…
  • The right answer against condensation on roof which can’t reach cargo thanks to our thermal protecting envelop.
  • Worldwide fitting network – let’s ask us supplying + fitting it by our own in any sea port everywhere in Europe + Asia.

GreenLiner program available : we can arrange for global management of your thermal liners after use/at destination for disposal+collection+recycling+Handling.